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Cleves Ave Party

The Murder-Mystery Party... a photographic record!

The Murder-Mystery evening - the last time the 8 members of Cleves Avenue were together as a team. And what a team!

The evening was full of fun, as it degenerated into a farcical rememberance of the 70's, the abuse of the costumes and indeed, abuse of the house.

Need I remind you of such pearls of wisdom as the following:

The Bath Doctor and Author thinking it was funny to re-arrange the lounge - moving everything from pictures and ornaments around the room to give an impression of space. Oh, did not go down well. But very funny.

The same two individuals then moving the contents of two of the upstairs rooms around. Loudly. So loudly, in fact, that our galant hostess then came upstairs to see what was happening. The dynamic duo then hid, unfortunately behind a bed too small for their arses. Which were sticking up about a foot behind the bed. The stiffled giggles did little to prevent the illustrious pair from being discovered. We were banned from the bedroom. Are we still banned Chris?

The dodgy vocals of Paul (cannot remember the song, then again don't think anyone knew what you were singing)

And the sight of Brian trying to appease his wife while also giggling like a 6 year old as he too thought everything was bloody funny.

And finally, the split in the carpet as Brian returned a picture to its rightful place, only to tear a large hole in the luxurious Wilton! Bollox.

Enough of this. Let's move to the pictures. Sit back, view, and remmeber fondly the trials and tribulations of the Cleves Avenue Crew one night in cold January....

First one - the group. Strangely enough, why is there only one person who is playing the role. We are all smiling but look at the farmer at the back...


Hhmmmm. the evil old witch looks on. But what is Mrs Cook looking at!!!


"At first I was afraid, I was petrified.
Keep thinking I could never live without you by my side.
But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong,
but I grew strong, and I learned to get along.

...So go, walk out the door, don't turn around now, 'cause you're not welcome any more. Weren't you the one who try to make me satisified. But now I crumble and you hold your head and cry..... I WILL SURVIVE."

Not like that you won't mate!!!


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Cleves Ave Party II