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Cleves Ave Crew

(Not the Thieving Gypsy Bastards Page!)

This page is dedicated to the life and times of the Cleves Avenue Crew, whom enjoyed numerous fun and frivolities during the past few years. These pages will develop over time as I get my hands on photos. For now, though, they must concentrate on those people who I do have photos of. Er, just the one of you. You know who you are.....

This is for the following people, without who this page would not have been possible. They are the instigators of the Cleves Avenue Crew, and I salute them as follows:

10 Cleves - the host, owner and partner of the Dirty Pigeon when she can be arsed

15 Cleves - the only odd-number amongst us. Hello to Bob The Builder, Fat Bird (for 9 months anyway), Super Samuel, a yellow Passion Wagon on wheels, a nice new patio under which Mad Max is buried and a Saab!

8 Cleves - The bird from next door ("Brrrrriiiiiaaaannnn...") who does some wicked food (and is now with child - brilliant!), and our very own "Who ate all the pies" Dangerous DB Brian, who likes spending time in his shed

2 Cleves - Home to the famous Beverley Sisters; Mr Paul Beverley, Mrs Paul Beverley, known as Beverley Beverley, Small cat BevBev Beverley, second and third Queenie cats, known only as CAT Beverley,and Mr MacBeverley Beverley, from the Beverley Clan, McBevtown, Scotland

This site is therefore dedicated to:

1 - The demolition of the entire Thieving Gypsy Bastard Lane...
2 - The amusement and fun created by Mad Max/Howling Henry...

3 - The great friendships of the Cleves Crowd, who made the few years of Cleves a bloody enjoyable experience, including boating holidays, work on cars and houses, assistance with gardening and patios, serious amounts of piss take and bloody good fun, laughter and a good few beers. May they continue for ever more! You are all fantastic people and I miss you all!

Now, the fun....

Man with extremely long legs

Bob The Builder in all his splendor. Look at those legs. Does Bob need a ladder - not with those pins! Hello Tall Man.

The Bath Doctor hard at work on a busy day, rushed of his feet...

The Bath Doctor hard at work in a field. He's looking for the Bath - can you see it? NO, neither can I. He's a lazy bugger isn't he. But my, look at those long legs. Aren't they funny?


Here he is again. It's Cookie. Long legs and all, he lays down on a country road. Hark, listen... he's shouting. Can you hear what he is saying, "Oi, you bastards. Someone's cut my right leg off. Give it back - I paid for those bloody things. Arg, it hurts. Give it back - wanker!" Me thinks the little Thieving Gypsy Bastards have been up to their tricks again! Aren'y they just a hoot!


The Bath Doctor on holiday. Hhhmmm - he doesn't respond much to the surroundings does he? Looks like he's having a sleep. Maybe he's dreaming of that party at the Beverley Sisters place. He was good there. At doing nothing.

the wierd and wonderful world of the Bath Doctor.

Steve Cook at the party. Wondering why the room was spinning. Was it Paul's lethal concoction of Blackcurrant Vodka, was it Brian's BBQ, was it Philpott's large kick to the bollocks? Who knows, but his head is spinning....

Cue scene with two old fogies playing cards... as below

"OK Harold, your go.

"Thank you Daphne. My dear, I feel there is something coming between us?

"I know Harold. But... isn't it that man with the very long legs?

"My dear, you may be correct, but unless I am very much mistaken, this chap has very small legs. Why, he is positively a dwarf. Look at these legs. There's nothing to them. He can hardly walk, let alone drive that yellow passion van as a wannabe British Telecom engineer. Maybe he thinks he's Busby? Dwarf, dwarf, Busby is dead dear!"

"Harold, how frightfully true. It cannot be the Man with the Long Legs then. But, this short arse little Bath Doctor is getting in my way. Hey, short arse, piss off! We're playing cards. Get your sorry small legs away from me....

End of scene. Small man feels small and insignificant. Returns to being man with very long legs.

Harold, who is that?