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Scooby WRX
Dyno Charts

Dyno Chart 1

This is the dyno chart from the APS Open Day when I was lucky enough to have the car dynoed for free. It shows two - the second is generally better than the first as the car is running better, and heat soak has not become a problem. This shows a 90kw at the wheels, about average for a MY00 with 8,000km on the clock.


Dyno Chart 2 - taken when APS Stage 1 installed. This chart illustrates the same figures as the first run some 2 months earlier. The new power figure illustrates a 124kw at the wheels. Or, put another way, a 38% increase (90 + 38% = 124). Put in bhp, at the flywheel, this amounts to 215 + 38% = 296bhp. You can also see how the Unichip has smoothed the power curve out significantly, losing the drop off in power seen around the 5,000rpm mark.